United Continuo Ensemble


There is barely a festival or concert series in Germany and throughout Europe, where the United Continuo Ensemble (UCE) hasn't appeared since its foundation in 1995. The viola da gamba player Jörg Meder has gathered together a team of leading basso continuo specialists. In variable constellations, they convey baroque jollity, their own fascination for improvisation, and pure pleasure. The audience's enthusiasm speaks for itself. Creative, interactive programmes with singers, dancers and actors, and even complete baroque operas, have long been the United Continuo Ensemble's recipe for success. 

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United Continuo Ensemble - Sardanapalus
Sardanapalus - Oper von Christian Ludwig Boxberg (1698)

Ausschnitte vom 28.2.2014, Wilhelma Theater Stuttgart

Musikalische Leitung: Bernhard Epstein
Regie/Choreographie: Milo Pablo Momm
Ausstattung/Kostüme: Jan Hoffmann

Compagnie Opéra Baroque
United Continuo Ensemble

Eine Produktion des United Continuo Service 
Ouvertüre aus der Oper: SARDANAPALUS (1698)
Ouvertüre aus der Oper SARDANAPALUS (Ansbach, 1698) von Christian Boxberg

Videoanimation: LECHNER&MOMM
Musikalische Leitung: Bernhard Epstein
Compagnie Opéra Baroque
United Continuo Service

Live-Mitschnitt: Wilhelma-Theater Stuttgart 
United Continuo Ensemble - Fiesta Española
Live im Schlosstheater Fulda, 11.11.2001

Fiesta Española

El encuentro entre el Flamenco y las Canciones y Danzas en los siglos XVI y XVII
Flamenco und spanische Musik des 16./17. Jahrhunderts

Mercedes Hernández - Sopran
Elva la Guardia - Tanz, Gesang, Kastagnetten, Palmas

United Continuo Ensemble
Bernward Jaime Rudolph - Barockgitarre, Flamencogitarre, Palmas
Thomas Boysen - Laute, Barockgitarre
Jörg Meder - Viola da Gamba
Hilko Schomerus -- Percussion, Cájon 
Chaccone of Sardanapalus
The final Chaccone of the German Baroque Opera "Sardanapalus" from Christian Boxberg (Ansbach, 1898). The music is composed by Nicola Matteis jun. and was interpolated instead of the missing ballet of the partitura.

Dancers: Nicolle Klinkeberg/Adrian Navarro
Musical Direction: Bernhard Epstein
Costumes: Jan Hoffmann

United Continuo Service

Stage Director and Choreography: Milo Pablo Momm

Wilhelma-Theater, Stuttgart (Germany). 
United Continuo Ensemble - Les Fetes d'Hébé
Bayreuther Barock 26.9.2008, Markgräfliches Opernhaus, Bayreuth

Les Fetes d'Hébé - Opera-ballet von Jean-Philippe Rameau

Musikalische Leitung - Bernhard Epstein
Inszenierung - Georg Blüml

Compagnie Opéra Baroque
United Continuo Ensemble

Eine Produktion des United Continuo Service 
United Continuo Ensemble - Bergamasca, G.B. Vitali
Giovanni Battista Vitali, Bergamasca per la lettera B

United Continuo Ensemble live at Mazovia goes Baroque, Poland, 18.11.2012

United Continuo Ensemble
Jörg Meder (Viola da gamba, Violone)
Axel Wolf (Laute, Chitarrone)
Thor-Harald Johnsen (Gitarre, Laute)
Johanna Seitz (Harfe)
Zita Mikijanska (Cembalo)