Trombone Unit Hannover


"Excellent technique (...) combined with passion and a huge variety of sounds and expression which one would not have believed possible." wrote the Neueste Badische Nachrichten about the Trombone Unit Hannover.

The eight young trombonists are the first ensemble of its kind to ever have won the German Music Competition (2011). Since then, they are invited to perform at major festivals throughout Germany and Europe. They even played in Brazil, together with legendary Christian Lindberg.

Their dedication to their instrument, their high level of artistic expression and their authenticity have opened a completely new view on the beauty of trombone sound.

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"They are eight trombonists from around Europe [...], playing music jazzy and upbeat, occasionally avant-garde, sometimes uproariously funny, at times subtle and requiring a sound like satin, and at other times dramatic and needing an awesome wall of sound: These eight trombonists make it clear why they won the German Music Competition in 2011, the first trombone ensemble to do so in the competition's 36-year history. [...] It is a great story and a remarkable release. 

 If Fanfare gave titles to reviews, this one would be Eight Boys with Trombones, Just Having Fun . It comes with the highest recommendation, not only for trombone fans, but for admirers of highly imaginative and accessible modern music.
Concert Review
 Cellesche Zeitung, Celle
""Dabei gelang es dem international zusammengesetzten Oktett, mit nahezu perfektem technischen Können und musikalischer Intelligenz das Ausdrucksvermögen der Posaune neu zu definieren. Sinnlichkeit mit Augenzwinkern, Spaß am Experiment und Freude an musikalischem Reichtum waren offensichtlich die Triebfedern ihres Programms. "
CD Review "Full Power"
 "Das Orchester",
Die Stücke […] bewegen sich im Grenzbereich zwischen Jazz, Neoromantik und gemäßigter Avantgarde, sind rhythmisch unglaublich vertrackt und verlangen höchste Virtuosität. Sie schwelgen in butterweicher Melodik, permanent wechselnden Tempi und erstaunlichsten Akkordkombinationen (die mit acht Posaunen eben möglich sind).
Zusammenspiel und Qualität sind bei Trombone Unit über alle Zweifel erhaben"
A short trailer, about our first cd called "Full Power". 
Trombone Unit Hannover plays Daniel Schnyder - Olympia
Mitschnitt während der "FULL POWER"- CD-Aufnahme