Trio KlaViS


Trio KlaViS"Virtuosos Without Borders"

Three passionate musicians having roots in Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Austria, Russia, Mexico, Croatia and Turkey, came together in Vienna with a common vision. They have taken it upon themselves to conquer the music world as Trio KlaViS, in the unique formation of piano (Sabina Hasanova), violin (Jenny Lippl) and saxophone (Miha Ferk).

Each member arranges and composes for Trio KlaViS. The trio also commissions pieces from prestigious composers in a multitude of styles. 

In the fall of 2013 the trio gave its Vienna Musikverein debut followed by an immediate re-invitation. The internationally renowned violinist and composer Aleksey Igudesman wrote a piece called "Take It To Eleven" exclusively for one of their programs. They have already performed at venues including the Vienna Musikverein, ORF Radiokulturhaus Vienna, MuTh and Rudolf Buchbinder's Grafenegg Festival. Some of the upcoming performances include Musikverein and lower Austria tour. 

The name Trio KlaViS derives from the German: "Klavier, Violine, Saxophon".

JENNY LIPPL - Violin, "Vi" of KlaViS
Jenny was born in Vienna to a Mexican mother and Viennese father. Considering music to be the best language from an early age, she eventually chose the violin to be her voice and started lessons with Regina Brandstätter. At the University of Music in Vienna, Jenny studied with Ernst Kovacic who taught her respect for art and lasting curiosity. She learned from violinists such as Volkhard Steude, Gerhard Schulz, and explored the ways of Baroque and contemporary music. After receiving her Master's degree with distinction, she proudly co-founded the "Podium Festival Mödling", a highly inventive chamber music festival. Most ardently her heart is with Trio KlaViS, to her a wondrous kaleidoscope of sound and emotion.

MIHA FERK - Saxophone,"S" of KlaViS
Saxophonist, arranger and composer Miha Ferk played as a soloist with several orchestras, wrote many compositions, did numerous arrangements, listened to volumes of music and went to many museums. He also played in various saxophone quartets, conducted, read books, studied the musical language of Luciano Berio and analyzed Bach's counterpoint. 
Besides that he met a lot of interesting and less interesting people, often sat alone in thought and enjoyed being in nature as well as partying hard. He is also part of the "Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra", an original ensemble consisting of twelve saxophones. His greatest passion and his strongest musical voice is in Trio KlaViS.

SABINA HASANOVA - Piano, "Kla" of KlaViS
Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, into a Russian family, Sabina grew up in different parts of Turkey. Her main musical and human inspirations are her parents, both pianists and pedagogues. They taught her a great deal about music and art, as well as how to cope psychologically with being the daughter of professors. Wanting to pass her knowledge straight away, Sabina has taught at a local university herself and did charity work for underprivileged children. 
When there was time between practicing, performing, teaching, and winning numerous competitions, she had her drawings published by Universal Edition and was one of the producers of the acclaimed feature length film Noseland, featuring John Malkovich and Sir Roger Moore. Nevertheless, since its start, Trio KlaViS remains her true home.


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Short Profile

NameTrio KlaViS
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageEnglish Additional languages German,  Russian,  Spanish; Castilian,  Slovenian,  Turkish,  Croatian 
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"Trio KlaViS consists of three exceptional musicians who make music with great passion on the highest level. The original instrumentation of their ensemble lends the pieces they perform a great range of colours and makes them shine in the world of classical music!"
(Julian Rachlin)
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"I was enchanted from the first moment I experienced Trio KlaViS. They
are three unique and brilliant musicians who have found their inner voice
individually as well as together and follow a passion and vision.
One can feel their incredible musicality through every note and every work
they interpret. Music seems to flow through them directly into the
audience in a way that is rarely heard in a concert hall. They are virtuosos
without borders.

(Aleksey Igudesman)
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