Trio KlaViS

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Piano is definitely heavier..
Trio KlaViS by Julia Wesely

Video / Audio
Trio KlaViS - "Take It To Eleven" by Aleksey Igudesman, World Premiere
Performing the World Premiere of "Take It To Eleven" written by Aleksey Igudesman, written for and dedicated to Trio KlaViS.

ORF Radiokulturhaus, Vienna
Trio KlaViS - "Happy Hour" by Miha Ferk, ft. Aleksey Igudesman
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
We'd like to present you a gift: On Miha's new piece "Happy Hour", we've made a collaboration with Aleksey Igudesman, to do an experiment on how alcohol affects a musician's playing on stage. We hope you enjoy it and hope it adds to your holiday spirit! - by that we meant the mood of course:)