Trio Belli-Fischer-Rimmer, trombone-percussion-piano

Astor Piazzolla
Cuatro Estaciones Porteña

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Allegro from Triosonata "The musical offering"

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra "Double" (arr. for trombone, vibraphone and piano)

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Triosonata E-flat major

Chick Corea

Claude Debussy
Songs from "Ariettes oubliées" and "Fêtes galantes"

Daniel Schnyder
Worlds Beyond

Daniel Schnyder
Blues for Schubert

Daniel Schnyder
The Chase

Friedemann Amadeus Treiber

Johannes Brahms/Johannes Julius Fischer
Adagio mesto. A funeral music

Johannes Julius Fischer
Einige Versuche, Dinge in Gang zu setzen

Leonard Bernstein
Halil. Nocturne (arr. for trombone, piano and percussion)

Leonard Bernstein
Candide Overture

Mike Svoboda
Music for trombone, piano and percussion

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