Times Two, Violin & Piano Duo


What happens when you take two accomplished orchestral and chamber players, give them a studio and engineer, a pile of great works and the time to record them? The answer is that it's a multiple of what you might expect - it's at least Times Two...

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      They have me eating out of their hands.
       American Record Guide (April/May 2014),
      " (re the Mendelssohn Sonata)... Draiblate and Johnson rise to the task and give a very lovely reading ...
      (re Elgar's Salut d-Amour) ... They manage to ebb, flow, pull, and push to the furthest extreme without disturbing or distorting the line or exceeding the boundaries of good taste.  They apply the same kind of freedom to the Grieg F-major Sonata, which makes it a very exciting and engaging reading. ...
      They have me eating out of their hands.  I look forward to hearing more recordings by these musicians
      (Elane Fine)
      REVIEW from
      2010-07-16 Baltimore Jewish Times,

      "Netanel is an extremely gifted and natural violinist. He has a strong stage personality and charisma. He is very musical, and has that 'inner fire' that makes his performances captivating. He is a true virtuoso and very versatile, with a lively personality and sense of humor."


      (Anna Lippe)
      REVIEW from 2010-07-16  
      Times Two Duo
      Lura Johnson, piano
      Netanel Draiblate, violin  
      Times Two Duo
      Netanel Draiblate, violin
      Lura Johnson, piano
      Pure Virtuosity ... Impressive ... a Fine Recording
      2014-05-22 infodad.com,
      " ... The CD concludes, unsurprisingly, with a bit of pure virtuosity, Kreisler's La Gitana, which Draiblate handles with aplomb, tossing the phrases about readily and managing the difficult fingerings with apparent ease.  This is a fine recording ..."
      REVIEW from 2014-05-22  
      2012-02-25 Lancaster Intelligencer Journal,

      Draiblate had all the technique the piece called for, and more. In the first movement cadenza, which Draiblate wrote, he brought out all kinds of tricky maneuvers while fitting in with the piece's style and content. But he wore the soloist's mantle lightly and that made the performance special. The performance was also a crowd pleaser, bringing the audience to its feet." 




      (Elizabeth Patton)
      REVIEW from 2012-02-25  
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       Visit Nati and Lura at http://www.chesapeakeartists.com,
      REVIEW from
       Baltimore Sun ,
      "Johnson summoned impressive bravura as needed – Chausson demands a lot of it – and balanced that with considerable nuance. The six musicians maintained tight rapport as they tapped into the Concert's Brahmsian heat and French elegance. In the Grave movement, they also achieved a remarkable richness of expression that cast quite a spell …" "
      (Tim Smith)
      REVIEW from