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The Twiolins

progressive classical music

 Open the windows and let a fresh breeze into the concert hall: With their “progressive classical music” The Twiolins embrace new styles and stimulate with amazingly beautiful melodies, pulsing rhythms and multidimensional spherical sound scapes.

Soundtrack-like stories, minimalism, jazzy grooves and cool avant-garde – all these elements co-exist in these new compositions and reinvigorate existing traditions.

Every three years The Twiolins are searching for new music and encourage heroic composers of our times to participate in the Crossover Composition Award: With passionate music, full of excitement and creativity they try to win over the audience.

With their newly released CD SUNFIRE the Twiolins present the award winners of the Crossover Award 2012.

With only two violins, the siblings Marie-Luise and Christoph Dingler tell musical stories of beauty and honesty.

latest News
New AlbuM "Secret Places" is out now! 15. Nov 2017

Dear fans

our new album "Secret Places" is finally available international! Listen to it on iTunes or Spotify or buy it on Amazon worldwide!

Video Trailer:

Have fun listening!

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Short Profile

NameThe Twiolins Founded2009
Home LocationMannheim, Germany
Main languageGerman

The Twiolins
2016-09-17 Iserlohner Zeitung, Iserlohn
"Und dann waren da noch „The Twiolins", Marie-Luise und Christoph Dingler. Was dieses Geschwisterpaar als Geigenduo an Klangfarben zauberte, ist schwer in Worte zu fassen. Technisch vollkommen, mit brillantem Ton, viel Temperament und verschmelzendem Zusammenspiel erzählten sie musikalische Geschichten…"
(Rahel Schöttler)
REVIEW from 2016-09-17  
Happy Easter - our personal Easter story!
Actually we wanted to shoot some videos in an abandoned building, but we found someone inside and had to save her... 
2016-07-27 Taunus Zeitung, Oberreifenberg

Trio, Quartett, Quintett, Sextett – nach oben lassen sich noch weitere kammermusikalische Kombinationen aufführen. Das Duett dagegen ist etwas Rares – und dann noch zwei Violinen, da muss man die Literatur schon suchen. Oder besser gleich in Auftrag geben.

Genau das tut das Duo „The Twiolins", und mit diesem hatten die Grohs wieder einmal etwas ganz Besonderes „an Land gezogen"...

REVIEW from 2016-07-27  
Teaser Sunfire
Have a short view into our program "Sunfire" 
CD Release "Secret Places"
New Album "Secret Places" by The Twiolins, out now. Available on Amazon (D) and on our Website, other countries and iTunes, Spotify etc. will follow in November 2017! Published by PROFIL EDITION GÜNTER HÄNSSLER Mannheim, September 2017 
The Twiolins
CD Release "Sunfire"
The Twiolins talk about their new CD "Sunfire"
April 2014 
Crossover Composition Award 2015 - Review
Der Crossover Composition Award 2015
Rückblick auf Gewinner, Publikum, Initiatoren 
Orient Express
The Twiolins play ORIENT EXPRESS by Tonio Geugelin live at the KINTAI MUSIC FESTIVAL in Kintai, Lithuania
July 13th 2015 
Maha Nada by Sebastian Sylla
The Twiolins play Maha Nada by Sebastian Sylla at Heilbronn, Germany
30th April 2016 
Sunfire by Franz Cibulka
The Twiolins play Sunfire by Franz Cibulka at Heilbronn, Germany
30th April 2016 
Windspiel by Tina Ternes
The Twiolins play Windspiel by Tina Ternes at Heilbronn, Germany
30th April 2016 
The Twiolins