Talia Ilan


The Magician - a Symphonic Family Concert

"The Magician" 

Talia Ilan - conductor and presenter
Nitzan Sitzer - actor/mime
Haifa Symphony Orchestra
April 29, 2013

"The Magician" is a new family concert program that includes a fantastic selection of pieces from the virtuoso-Romantic-Symphonic repertoire.

"The Magician" features an outgoing Magician (actor/mime Nitzan Sitzer) in search of someone to help translate a mysterious spell book written in a strange language. The orchestra conductor (Talia Ilan) soon realizes that the words are actually musical notes which weave magic spells on all who listen. As the musical excerpts are played, the Magician transforms into exciting characters such as a sword fighting musketeer, a swash buckling sailor, a wicked witch and many more, miming his way through each adventure. The performance is highly interactive as the audience is invited to participate in the magical experience.