Sebastian Androne

„Sebastian Androne, a young man with a remarkable talent, with a flawless handling of the orchestral apparatus, full of verve and imagination, whose work (Erebos) holds echoes from the music of some composers like John Corigliano." by Th. C. in a review of the „Cluj Modern" Festival, 2015.

„Androne approached in his piece, Stihiile, a mixture of both chthonian and celestial registers. Through his talent, a lot of instrumental aptness, a formal equilibrium and a high resolution sensitivity managed to write a thoroughly refined opus with memorable sections." by Dan Dediu in a review of the George Enescu Workshop, 2013.

Romanian born composer Sebastian Androne, currently a Doctorate in Music 2nd year student, studied composition with Dan Dediu at the National University of Music from Bucharest and with Joe Cutler, Howard Skempton and Ed Bennett at the Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK. Among other national and international composition prizes, he won the Grand Prix at the George Enescu Competition, symphonic section, with TEKTONUM. His music was performed in Romania, The U.K., Holland, Japan, Sweden, Belgium and Finland.

„I choose to believe that music must be written with passion, honesty and with a longing for connecting with other human beings, both synchronically and diachronically. I'm interested in the compositional processes that shape a musical piece into a verisimilar entity, into a colourful canvas, into an engaging tale or speech, into a conceptual representation or even into a roller-coaster or a labyrinth. I'm inclined to a meta-stylistic approach of music. Sometimes I use different musical idioms and techniques as mere tools, colours or building blocks, but almost always aiming for a homogeneous musical discourse, binding and melting together different and - very often - dichotomous elements. When I limit myself to a single musical idiom, I always look for binomial elements inside the idiomatic field trying to create a dramaturgy with them and also to enlarge the expressive pallet.
I believe that an artist is a constructor of mirrors in which at first he sees himself and then what he wanted to reflect; and every single mirror of his will include his reflection." - Sebastian Androne
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Short Profile

NameAndrone, Sebastian
Date of Birth1989-07-18
Born inRomania, Europe
Home LocationAzuga, Romania
Main languageRomanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
Additional languages English 
attended UniversitiesNational University of Music from Bucharest
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