Salzburg Orchestra Soloists


The Salzburg Orchestra Soloists

Great music for a small ensemble

 "The performance of each solo musician, completely exposed in such a small ensemble,

was remarkable"

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Founded in 2005, the Salzburg Orchestra Soloists (SAOS) are all members of major Austrian or German orchestras. Until 2007, the ensemble performed under the name of "Salzburg Soloists".


In the center of the artistic work are symphonies of the Classical and Romantic music era, that areperformed asedited versionsby solo artists.


Also, a wide repertoire of music selections of classical, romantic and above all the 20th century -here specifically written for solo occupied Chamber Music Ensemble of the IGNM-founder of 1922 - is a great musical concern of The Salzburg Orchestra Soloists.


The principle of the chamber ensemble is to perform ensemble or orchestral music - whether playing in arranged version or in their original instrumentation - in solo musician occupation, mostly without a conductor.


Through the years, working together with ambitious musicians, the ensemble has now found a very special and characteristic sound. Since 2007 The Salzburg Orchestra Soloists are regular guests at festivals and concert series throughout Europe.


In 2013 thesoloists will be heardatthe Salzburg Festival, witha performance of "The Magic Flute for Children" and"The Abduction from the Seragliofor Children"ina total of 13performances. Also, theyear 2013will be exciting and laborious through aconcertin the Brucknerhauswith starviolinist Benjamin Schmid,the production of a church opera by Benjamin Britten at Diabellisommer Mattsee, a concert at the "Burghofspiele" in Eltville, a concert at the Congress Center Villach with mezzo-soprano Katharine Goeldner and some more very interesting projects.  





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