RAGIN "Image in my Music"


"Extremely talented violinist who possesses wonderful temperament and unfailing musical sense"  -  Nathan Milstein

"Inside my head the music has colors, shapes, textures and many more images:
Imagine, now you can see it too ..." 



Manyfold Prize and Award winning Norwegian renaissance artist RAGIN's vision has since day one been music steeped in colors and multiple dimensions, which now has come to fruition in her Gesamtkunstwerk  IMAGE IN MY MUSIC at its world premiere at Kilden Performing Arts Center – kilden.com – in Kristiansand, Norway in October 2014, to enthusiastic, standing ovations. As a concert violinist and consummate artist, she has always "seen" the music she performs, in colors, shapes, images, dark, light, solid, ethereal, high, low, near, far, hard and soft etc., and now takes the audience with her inside her inner world while she performs on her Stradivarius from 1689, immersed in large scale video projections.  Her own artwork has been combined with photography and film, which she produced together with Virtual Theater Designer Joachim Schamberger.

Ragin has appeared in major halls all over Europe and the United States, including New York, London and Paris, where she simultaneously had an art exhibit.  She has performed violin concertos, including ones written for, dedicated to and premiered by her, by such renowned Norwegian composers as Johan Kvandal, Ragnar Søderlind, Knut Nystedt and more, with all the major orchestras in Norway, as well as orchestras like the Royal Philharmonic in London.

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http://www.ragin.no 12. Feb 2015
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Short Profile

NameWenk-Wolff, Ragin
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Norwegian,  German 

Tender Flight of the Night
Live shot from the World Premiere of my Multi Media, Multi Dimensional show, October 2014 
Tragic Love
Norwegian Forest Mysteries
Collection of performances:
How I "see the music" - the colors, shapes, images, and how I can now take the audience inside my inner world so you can see it too ... 
A Mother´s Loss
Documentary Interview
How I "see the music" - the colors, shapes, images, and how I can now take the audience inside my inner world so you can see it too ... 
 The New York Times,
""Sensitive playing in lyrical passages, and assertive command - such as a strong, seven minute unaccompanied Sonata "For Ragin" by the Norwegian Composer Johan Kvandal"

The New York Times

"She reaches out to the audience's heart …There are no other musicians who can mesmerize an audience like she does."
Hi-Fi Review, Hong Kong

RAGIN's Image In My Music
- University of Brasilia, Brazil June 10, 2015 
Conference "Understanding Visual Music"  
Norwegian Forest Mysteries
Tragic Love
Norwegian Forest Mysteries