Piano Duo Adrienne Soós & Ivo Haag


"The piano duo Adrienne Soós and Ivo Haag are capable of the art of interpretation to withdraw behind the work, and to let it act in a manner as if it had played by itself: casual and unintentional-natural. This does not mean that they have nothing to say as a performer – quite the reverse! But, with their fantastic play, they express the music and not themselves. This gives their recordings an unusually intense presence: no musical detail gets lost, nothing is concealed or emerges unwisely [...]. The lack of resonance of sounds by the drums, Bartók balances out by an intense rhythm that requires a high degree of precision by the interpreters. And that this "problem" is not apparent in this exemplary recording is probably the greatest praise one can give."

Gislher Schubert in Fono Forum, April 13

latest News
Cadenza Concert - Management 16. Apr 2014

Cadenza Concert is very proud to welcome the piano duo Klavierduo Adrienne Soós und Ivo Haag from Switzerland on their artist list!

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Short Profile

NamePiano Duo Adrienne Soós & Ivo Haag
Home LocationEbikon, Switzerland
Main languageGerman Additional languages English 

Piano duo Soós-Haag
Mit den Jahren immer besser
 Der Bund, Bern
"Und als überragende Solisten – die im Doppel ihre ausgefeilte Tastenkunst in den Vordergrund rücken, nie aber sich selber – bringen das ungarisch-schweizerische Klavierduo Adrienne Soos und Ivo Haag auf zwei Flügeln Mozarts Es-Dur Klavierkonzert zum Leuchten."
Musikwoche Braunwald
Piano Duo Soós & Haag
Piano Duo Soós & Haag