Paavali Jumppanen


"Jumppanen's playing is fresh and bracing, like a cool Artic breeze blowing the cobwebs away from musty concert halls" - ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

"a rare wedding of intellectual penetration, coloristic imagination, and sheer virtuoso firepower." - BOSTON GLOBE

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Paavali Jumppanen - 'Moonlight Sonata'
Paavali Jumppanen - 'Impromtu in B minor Op 5 No. 5'
Chopin Barcarolle Op. 60
Paavali Jumppanen plays Chopin Barcarolle Op. 60 
Chopin Etude Op. 25 no. 1
Paavali Jumppanen plays Chopin Etude Op. 25 no. 1 
Paavali Jumppanen - Mozart Sonata K. 332 1st Mov.