Nina K Lucas

composer, piano
Nina K Lucas was born in Belgrade and started to play musical instruments from a very early age, before eventually progressing onto the piano.

She spent her childhood in London, which enabled her to nurture and work on her talent, she was accepted on a scholarship to the Royal College of Music, Junior Department. This was the beginning of her passion for playing classical piano.

Her family returned to Belgrade where she continued to study piano at the Stankovic Music School in Belgrade, she was accepted with merits at the Music Academy in Belgrade. This was a very vibrant time in her life, especially due to political circumstances in the country and region. She studied music theory and harmony intensely with a private tutor and discovered electronic music.

She pursued her musical aspirations at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, where she enrolled for Piano Pedagogy and took a major in Multimedia. At this time she felt herself drifting away from the harsh conformities of classical music and started working on developing her own musical style and focusing on the art of improvisation.

Inspired by the movement of comtemporary dance and beginning to write and produce her own music, Nina continued her master studies at the Orff Institut, Mozarteum - she has a Master of Arts in Elementary Music and Movement.

Parallel to her master studies, she was an intern at FosterKent in Salzburg, where she composed and produces music for Radio Jingles.

As well as pursuing her own musical style, Nina has performed as a pianist under the management of ArsMedia Salzburg and for Cirque de la Nuit events whilst building up a music marketing career in various sectors of the music and entertainment industry - specialising in internet and digital marketing.

An interesting influence in her music is her passion and commitment to yoga, which started when she moved to Salzburg. Nina is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher and credits her yoga asana practice for helping her restore her back to health after years of practicing the piano. She offers workshops and yoga lessons for all ages, especially tailored to the needs of classical musicians and artists as well as meditation techniques to help build up confidence and ease stage fright.

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Short Profile

NameLucas, Nina
Born inSerbia, Europe
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages German,  Serbian 
attended UniversitiesMozarteum, Salzburg