Nina K Lucas

composer, piano
  "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

 - Nikola Tesla 
I am a classically trained pianist, who discovered the freedom of improvisation. The world of electronic sound opened a whole new chapter in my musical journey - the beauty of sound in all of it's layers and textures inspires my music.

My music is about moods and reflections, certain moments of conciousness that remind us to be in the moment and offer a subtle change of our own present state of mind, beyond the illusion of our constructed world, beyond maya...

I am inspired by the contrast of the stories that life tells us and the stories that we tell ourselves.
    latest News
    Piano Album coming up soon... 10. Sep 2014

    Nina is currently busy working on her debut piano album, which will be a romantic and intimate reflection of her moods and emotions.

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    Short Profile

    NameLucas, Nina
    Born inSerbia, Europe
    Home LocationVienna, Austria
    Main languageEnglish
    Additional languages German,  Serbian 
    attended UniversitiesMozarteum, Salzburg