Nikola Melnikov : Pianist, Composer, Sound Designer

piano, composer
Nikola Melnikov.
Pianist, Composer, Sound Designer and DJ. 
One of the most promising young Russian composers and improvisers Gnesin's Academy graduating class student 18 of 22 years devoted to piano music.
Pianist: Classical and NeoClassical
DJ and producer: Techno, Deep, Ambient, nu disco, funky deep.
Being just 22, Nikola Melnikov performed, sound-designed and wrote soundtracks for high profile theatrical performances, media events for luxury brands, fashion houses, film companies. Louis Vuitton, Armani, Boss, Bacardi, Rado, Huawei.
Nikola Melnikov is performing his piano etudes:
For China: Youku:

This video was filmed by Fairline Acoustic in Spiridonov's mansion in the heart of Moscow, Russia.
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Tags: music, piano, pianist, composer, classical, neoclassical, crossover, young, Russian, DJ, sound, producer, design
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Nikola Melnikov / Russian Pianist and Composer
Nikola Melnikov / Russian Pianist and Composer
Nikola Melnikov / #PianoLive @ Mandarin in Moscow
Nikola Melnikov plays live improvisations in Mandarin Tea Room and Bar in Moscow 
Nikola Melnikov / Russian Pianist and Composer
Nikola Melnikov / #PianoLive @ Spiridonov Mansion in Moscow