Nick Miller

trombone, tuba, euphonium
Born in the West Island of Montreal, Nicholas Daniel Miller grew up failry isolated from the classical music world.

My parents, having never played music themselves, had me play piano at a young age. This didn't last long as I wanted to learn guitar so I could play the music I listened to almost exclusively; Rock.

My musical career only really began, however, when I started high school at Beaconsfield High School (BHS). In their music program, taught by Phil Legault and Valérie Lepage, I started playing trombone and would quickly excel to the top of the class.

With BHS, I traveled to Virginia, New York and Boston for festivals, coming back with Silver or Gold medals each time. The school's Stage Band also performed at the JazzFest des Jeunes, winning a chance to perform at Montreal's Festival International de Jazz.
I was invited back to the Jazz Fest with other bands for a total of 4 performances, twice with BHS.

My classical career took a big leap when, in his last year of high school, I first joined the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra (WIYSO). Not only was it my first orchestral experience, but my first time on Bass Trombone, with which I fell in love. In that year, I started learning studies and études, began building up my knowledge of classical repetoire, and ultimately auditioned for Vanier College, where I was accepted and am currently enrolled.

At Vanier, I've studied under Mike Wilson on Trombone and worked with Sasha Johnson on Tuba. I've won the WIYSO Concerto Competition, granting me a chance to have the orchestra accompany me in a solo piece. I've also been part of many different goups, including Westmount Youth Orchestra, Orchestre à Vents du Suroit, Vanier Big Band, Vanier Concert Band, Lakeshore Concert Band, Université de Montréal Trombone Choir, my own Trombone Quartet and my own Brass Quintet.
I've also touched on composition and arrangement, and several pieces that my Trombone Quartet and Brass Quintet play are arranged by me.

Right now I'm finishing my DEC at Vanier, and I'm looking at UdeM next year to study under Dave Martin!

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Short Profile

NameMiller, Nicholas
Date of Birth1996-02-23
Born inCanada, North America
Home LocationMontréal, Canada
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages French 
attended UniversitiesCEGEP Vanier