Michel Samuel

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Short Profile

NameCabrera Ruíz, Michel Samuel
Date of Birth1987-08-17
Born inVenezuela, South America
Main languageSpanish; Castilian
Additional languages English 
attended UniversitiesUniversidad Simón Bolívar and Académia Latinoamericana de Flautas

señor jou, michel samuel
first song of my disc... enjoy :) follow me in instagram and twitter @michelsamuel34..... facebook: samuel.flauta 
spain-chick corea- merengue by michel samuel
spain from chick corea, but this is my version, in merengue venezolano (my disc: michel samuel y el tro sipagan boys).... follow me in instagram and twitter @michelsamuel34 on facebook facebook.com/samuel.flauta God bless u 
before concert
Michel Samuel entre amigos Concert
this is a "concierto de generos", fussion jazz (Road jazz), gospel (Hechos29), venezuelan music (alma llanera). 
Michel Samuel y el trio Sipagan Boys
Venezuelan music ensamble, cuatro, bass and flute 
My Saxophone
in my concert 
Misty by Michel Samuel
michel samuel in the saxophone, enjoy