Medea Bindewald

Medea Bindewald seduces us [...] with the delicacy, the fire and the conviction of an accomplished artist.

Diapason no. 626

Having played the harpsichord since she was eight years old, Medea Bindewald belongs to the small group of "native speakers" on this instrument. Her performances are essentially characterised by her fine, dynamic touch, a natural flow and, above all, the idea to "play from the soul" as postulated by C.P.E. Bach in his  treatise Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen (The Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments).
latest News

The CD Jacob Kirkman, Lessons and Sonatas (Coviello Classics 91616, with Nicolette Moonen, violin) has been reviewed by the German Early Music Magazine CONCERTO:

"The basically early classical style of the Mozart-contemporary Kirkman builds a bridge from Handel to early Beethoven in a brilliant, some...

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Short Profile

NameBindewald, Medea
Born inGermany, Europe
Home LocationLoughborough, United Kingdom
Main languageGerman
attended UniversitiesHochschule für Musik Freiburg, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Komponisten im Portrait - Rund um Domenico Scarlatti
2018-10-18, Unterwittelsbach
Wittelsbacher Konzerte/Sisi-Schloß

Jacques Duphly, Médée
This is a taster of the CD Jacques Duphly, Pièces de Clavecin, by Medea Bindewald, with Nicolette Moonen (violin). The disc was released on Coviello Classics in 2014 and can be purchased via the Hyphen Press website: 
Live in Concert!
Francesco Geminiani, Prelude (1743)

harpsichord after Henry Hemsch (Paris, 1751) by Christian Fuchs

live recorded in the dome of Worms (Germany) by Moritz Bergfeld in 2014 
Photo by ©kate beaugié for Stour Music 2017 
CD Review: Jacques Duphly, Pièces de Clavecin (Coviello Classics COV 91404)

Medea Bindewald's CD of works by the French composer Jacques Duphly (with Nicolette Moonen, violin) was reviewed by Johan van Veen at musica Dei donum: "Medea Bindewald has made a representative selection [...] and delivers splendid performances. I especially like her subtle application of the notes inégales, for instance in La Forqueray which opens the programme. La Pothouin receives a quite dramatic performance." 29/06/2015

Travelling with one's own instrument...
Medea Bindewald's remarkable double manual Blanchet copy by Keith Hill (USA, 2006) is a real eye-catcher. It has a painted soundboard, and lid and exterior are enhanced by a Chinoiserie decoration. It certainly requires a lot of dedication to travel with such an instrument, but the luxurious sound of it makes up for the effort! The instrument is located in the UK, but has been taken to Germany for Medea's recent concert tour. 
CD Jacob Kirkman, Lessons and Sonatas COV 91616
This is the trailer of Medea Bindewald's brandnew CD featuring the nearly forgotten London composer Jacob Kirkman (1746-1812), recorded on original keyboard instruments from the Finchcocks collection (Kent, UK), with Nicolette Moonen (violin).The CD was released in January 2017 on Coviello Classics and can be purchased via the Hyphen Press Music website: 
2017-06-26 Aalener Kulturjournal and Schwäbische Post, Aalen
"What Medea Bindewald brings out of her double manual harpsichord is unique. As soon as Bindewald plays, she enters a symbiotic relationship with her instrument. Her entire body language strives towards the right sound. […] Right from the opening pieces by Jean-Philippe Rameau, she gives us an insight into the varied sound world of the harpsichord. (Schwäbische Post 26.6.17)

Medea Bindewald, well-known and cherished throughout Europe from numerous performances at festivals and summer cultural events, shone in her interpretation of the tempestuous runs and the exuberant cascades of sound. […] The ease with which the rapid runs were played and the structural shaping of the pieces made the concert a great experience. (Schwäbische Post 26.6.17)

It is not simply the perfection and brilliance of her playing that is charming, but also the extraordinary intensity with which the music resonates. Medea Bindewald approaches the French masters melodically, song-like, sparklingly and with great dexterity. With Mozart the mode of expression is carefully differentiated […]. And thus Bindewald's "Exotic Worlds" prove literally to be kind of borderless world music, in a manner which would certainly have delighted Mozart. (Aalener Kulturjournal June 2017)
(Herbert Kullmann/Aalener Kulturjournal, Benedikt Walther and Johannes Müller/Schwäbische Post, translation from German: Jeremy Leaman)
REVIEW from 2017-06-26  
Radio Review of CD Jacques Duphly, Pièces de Clavecin
2014-03-27 SWR2 Alte Musik, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
"Medea Bindewald [...] plays this music with the ideal blend of tenderness and drive, with a lot of taste and feeling for the wide range of nuances, which – as is so often the case with French music – only make their appearance in between the lines."
(Doris Blaich)
REVIEW from 2014-03-27  
Medea Bindewald, harpsichord
German harpsichordist Medea Bindewald, who is based in the United Kingdom, has just joined HELLO STAGE! Medea is a passionate soloist and ensemble player specialising in the performance of music of the 17th and 18th centuries. Find out more about Medea @

Stour Music 2017
This lovely video snippet was taken prior to Medea Bindewald's solo recital at Stour Music 2017.
The instrument: a 1775 Kirckman harpsichord
The piece: a fragment of JC Bach op. 5 no. 4
The venue: All Saints' Church Boughton Aluph (Kent, UK) 
Playing Kirkman on a Kirkman
Medea Bindewald recorded music by Jacob Kirkman (1746-1812), nephew of the London harpsichord maker of the same name, playing an instrument by his uncle. This picture has been taken at Finchcocks Musical Museum. 
5 de Diapason for CD Jacques Duphly, Pièces de Clavecin (Coviello Classics)
2014-07-01 Diapason no. 626, Montrouge Cedex, France
"[...] Medea Bindewald seduces us with her performance on a fine harpsichord of the French school [...], that she plays with the delicacy, the fire and the conviction of an accomplished artist. The original ideas about registration, which are applied with discretion, as well as her subtle work on the jeu inégal show that the delicate development of the interpretation of French music often comes from our neighbouring friends…

The added ornaments refresh the ways in which we listen. The sense of construction is as admirable in the sizeable Chaconne as it is in the modest yet touching Rondeau in C. La Médée deploys a wonderful vigour without ever yielding to brutality.

Supported by the excellent [violinist] Nicolette Moonen, the German harpsichordist presents a remarkable version of the pieces with violin, which is sensitive to the dance as well as to the theatrical dimensions of the musical language. This beautiful version will be ranked equal to the complete recording by Christophe Rousset.
(Philippe Ramin)
REVIEW from 2014-07-01  
Elegance, Esprit and Charm
2017-02-16 WDR3 TonArt German Broadcast, CD review, Köln
"Skilfully, pianist Medea Bindewald plays with the potential [of the Broadwood square piano]. She shapes the melodic phrases with great taste, her fingers moving elegantly and versatilely across the ancient keys."
(Jan Ritterstaedt)
REVIEW from 2017-02-16  
Solo Recital Domenico Scarlatti and Contemporaries
2018-10-20, Worms
Vereinigte Kasino- und Musikgesellschaft Worms e. V. / Heylshof

2015-06-29 musica Dei donum,
"Medea Bindewald has made a representative selection from Duphly's four books, and delivers splendid performances. I especially like her subtle application of the notes inégales, for instance in La Forqueray which opens her programme. La Pouthouïn receives a quite dramatic performance.Nicolette Moonen is responsible for the colourful performance of the ad libitum violin parts."
(Johan van Veen)
REVIEW from 2015-06-29  
Candlelight Concert

This coming Saturday 19 December 2015 at 7.30pm:

Candlelight Concert
Christmas Music from the Baroque Era
at Rothley Parish Church LE7 7PD (UK)

Olivia Bell – soprano
Nicolette Moonen – violin
Susanna Pell – viola da gamba
Medea Bindewald - harpsichord

works by T Merula, HIF Biber, D Buxtehude, GPh Telemann, M Marais, A Campra, J-F Tapray and GF Handel

Tickets £10 (£8 Seniors & Students) including mulled wine and mince pies:
phone 0116 267 34 35 (Charles Poole)
or at Dolce & Verde Coffee House, Woodgate, Rothley

Parking facilities at Victoria Mills, Fowke Street LE7 7PJ

at Villa Stützel Event GmbH (Aalen, Germany)