Mathis Nitschke

composer, electronics
(c) 2016


Opera as location-aware audio walk

Smartphones are equipped with GPS receivers. This way they know where in the world they are. An app can use this information to playback location-specific content. Music which only sounds when the listener has moved to a specific place. Or music triggered and shaped by the movement itself.

The audio walk begins with the promise that we’ll love it: there is new technology being able to record and replay not only our perceptions of the world but also our imaginations. A discourse is further unfolded about memories and the past, and about the possibility to shape future memories.

To be released spring 2016 on iOS and Android. Please check for further news.

Voice: Sarah Aristidou
Cello: Anja Lechner
Concept, Composition and programming: Mathis Nitschke

Text: Mathis Nitschke, with quotes and paraphrases from Benjamin Stein's novel „Replay“ (C.H.Beck) and Judith N. Klein's Essay „Rückkehr nach Lindeira“ (Neues Literaturkontor).

Made possible through the Projektstipendium Junge Kunst / Neue Medien für Musik 2015 of the Munich City Hall.
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