Martina Miedl

a nice memory with Aliosha Biz
"Weintaufe Langenlois 2014":

i played some pieces with Aliosha Biz from Dobrek Bistro :) it was great!
credits: Ulli Paur
wonderful concert hall!
...before a concert at the "Bregenzer Festspielhaus" !
credits: private
I love to impress the audience!
in my opinion a nice snapshot after I played Wieniawskis Faust Fantasy in the Wiener Musikverein.
An unforgetable experience...
Concert in Ravensburg
I really enjoyed playing Havanaise by C. Saint-Saens  with the "Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester".
Musica Juventutis
a nice snapshot of my concert debut at the "Wiener Konzerthaus" !
© Olivier Grascoeur
1st Prize at the Prof. Dichler-Wettbewerb at Wiener Musikseminar!
With my professor of this masterclass Eugeniy Chevkenov
Open air concert in Langenlois, austria
I played Carmen-Fantasy by Sarasate,
Tambourin chinois and Caprice viennois by Kreisler
DEBUT mit dem Tonkünstlerorchester Niederösterreich
... 2014 im Festspielhaus St. Pölten
Video / Audio
A. Vivaldi -Die vier Jahreszeiten: Winter
at the semi-finals at Young Virtuosos Sofia
credits: ORF NÖ
Wieniawski FAUST
aufgeführt 2015 im Schubertsaal des Wiener Konzerthauses
credits: Olivier Grascoeur
Fritz Kreisler, Caprice Viennois
I simply love Kreisler
Szymanowski in Vienna!
2015 , Wiener Konzerthaus
credits: Olivier Grascoeur
Nicolo Paganini Caprice No. 23
@ International Competition for Violin Kloster Schöntal
Martina Miedl-Bach Fuga a-minor
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