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Dubbed by critics as "a wizard of percussion", Austrian multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger has achieved the extraordinary feat of turning solo percussion into the highlight of the classical concert world. A regular guest at many of the top orchestras and the world's most prestigious venues, Grubinger's repertoire is unusually broad and ranges from solo works and chamber music, with partners including his own Percussive Planet Ensemble and pianists Ferhan and Ferzan Önder, to percussion concertos.

Several of Martin's projects are sponsored by DB SCHENKER.

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    planning ahead .... 25. Feb 2016

    ... we already have started rehearsals for our concert togehter with Ferhan & Ferzan Önder at this summer's Salzburger Festival.

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    Short Profile

    NameGrubinger, Martin
    Born inAustria, Europe
    Main languageGerman

    Peter Eötvös "Speaking Drums"
    Peter Eötvös über das Schlagzeugkonzert "Speaking Drums", das er für Martin Grubinger geschrieben hat. 
    Wo Grubinger zuschlägt, wächst die Avantgarde
    2014-05-19 Die Presse, Wien
    "...Die Instrumente scheinen mit ihrem Meister in Interaktion zu treten..."
    (Wilhelm Sinkovicz)
    REVIEW from 2014-05-19  
    Martin Grubinger at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015
    Martin Grubinger and his Percussive Planet Ensemble played at the Eurovision Song Contest Finals 2015 in Vienna. Their show was bridging classical music to pop.  
    NSO review: Contemporary percussion staple hits NSO
    2014-01-24 Washington Post, Washington, D. C.
    "Oh, and it has Grubinger, the 30-year-old percussion wunderkind who commissioned it, who has to date been its exclusive performer and who made his NSO debut Thursday night - a young man who has the build and physical ease of a basketball player turned choreographer, moving between instruments and mallets with fluid grace and pulling amazing clusters of sounds in joyful handfuls out of the fortifications of instruments around him."
    (Anne Midgette)
    REVIEW from 2014-01-24  
    Free My Way
    Martin Grubinger and the Percussive Planet did the sound track for Free my Way.  
    Martin Grubinger at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015
    Martin Grubinger and the Percussive Planet Ensemble played at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 a mixture of classical and contemporary music. 
    Filharmonija BBC-ja i Martin Grubinger nastupili u Lisinskome
    2014-03-25 Dalmacija News, Zagreb
    "Vrlo inspirativno izveo je Koncert za udaraljke i orkestar op. 23 Brune Hartla, svojevrstan eksperimentalni glazbeni patchwork u kojemu svaka solistička udaraljka ima vlastitu temu ili motiv sa zajedničkim strukturalnim temeljem.   U nastavku Grubingerova nastupa, eksplozija zvuka u rapsodiji "Prizma" za marimbu i orkestar japanske marimbistice i kompozitorice Keiko Abe također je izazvala oduševljenje publike."
    REVIEW from 2014-03-25  
    Martin Grubinger rocks the house

    The young "percussion magician" Martin Grubinger rocked the Palace of Arts before his concert in Budapest.

    Martin Grubinger on the Music for Free My Way
    Martin Grubinger and the Percussive Planet Ensemble recorded the music for the film Free My Way produced by Red Bull Media House. See this trailer from KlickKlack on his work for the film. 
    Ein Mann nimmt Maß
    2014-03-31 Mannheimer Morgen, Heidelberg
    "Grubinger-Auftritte sind Events im positiven Sinne. Er spricht ein Publikum quer durch geschmackliche Vorlieben und Altersstufen an, seine sympathische Art und sein überbordendes Handwerk faszinieren. So entfesselte er auch jetzt wieder beim Heidelberger Frühling in der Stadthalle ein stürmisch bejubeltes Volksfest seiner Kunst."
    REVIEW from 2014-03-31  
    Official photo 2
    At the percussion 
    Martin Grubinger
    Martin Grubinger: The Percussive Planet - New DVD

    Uploaded on May 20, 2011

    Watch this video clip about Martin Grubinger's DVD debut on Deutsche Grammophon. "The Percussive Planet" is not just a spellbinding traversal of percussion's diversity worldwide − it is a visual document of a musical pioneer at work.

    For more information please see:

    Tempo Macher
    2014-04-23 Red Bulletin, Vienna
    "Der Schlagzeuger Martin Grubinger ist der radikale Weltstar der zeitgenössischen Musik. Für seinen Job trainiert er wie ein Spitzensportler."
    (Andreas Rottenschlager)
    REVIEW from 2014-04-23  
    Audi: Martin Grubinger - Das Percussion-Ausnahmetalent
    Allein vom Zuhören gerät man außer Atem: Dauertrommler Martin Grubinger begeistert.

    Martin Grubinger & the Freerunners
    Martin Grubinger after an amazing concert with the Percussive Planet Ensemble and the Red Bull Freerunners at the Wiener Konzerthaus 
    The Elevator Pitch
    Martin surprised everyone at the Budapest Palace of Arts when he simply started practising on the escalator! 
    Tan Dun and Shostakovich form a dark, compelling programme in Vienna
    2014-04-27 backtrack,
    "...Tears of Nature was composed for the superfluously talented percussionist Martin Grubinger. It is a richly coloured work which utilizes not only traditional percussion instruments but also non-traditional elements. 

    ...Grubinger's energy was absolutely infectious and by the middle of the second movement at the latest, we were all sold. Grubinger is an absolute genius, who regularly performs feats which seem technically impossible, always with a smile on his face. He is redefining the image of the percussionist and is especially impressive in how he utilizes piano dynamics. ...
    (Chanda VanderHart)
    REVIEW from 2014-04-27  
    Official photo 1