Marina Vesic

(c) Marina Vesic
Credits: Marina Vesic

International Project "THE PERFECT ROSE"

The Perfect Rose / multimedia performance
7th June, POP UP, Belgrade 
supported by Ministry of Culture Serbia 

Authors: Marina Vesic Bo Gorzelak Pedersen Marcelo Fontes 

"Collaboration with Bo emerged from the need to merge different forms of art. When I first met with his paintings and poems, poem The Perfect Rose inspired me to compose music in his works of art. Idea was that combining image, text and sound as a result to get something completely different and original. Follows the sound of the picture, the picture follows the poems, it's such a cohesion that is in constant motion, and the expression is very contemporary. Using electronics and voice together with Bo, the sound gives a completely new dimension where it has a completely different world. This is a project that strives for new views of expression in art. Live performance gives us a completely different picture. Moving from the range from film, through pictures, poems, and a very contemporary sounds, this form of expression in the art reflects my views of the times in which we live."
Marina Vesić, composer

The Perfect Rose is a poetry/sound/images multimedia project done by Serbian composer Marina Vesic in collaboration with Danish writer and painter Bo Gorzelak Pedersen. The project is centered around a group of what is essentially love poems with Ms. Vesic's music as a meditation on the words - and Mr. Pedersen's paintings reflecting on the music. The project is a combined and international effort proving how international cooperation can enrich not just individual artists but also - and more importantly - those of us who enjoy new art.
Bo Gorzelak Pedersen, painter, poet, historian of art and writer

"The project invites to simulate and create a world (machine) in which images, visual and sounds acts, are live, like invisible creatures" - Marcelo Fontes
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