Marianne Dumas

violoncello, cello (baroque), cello (piccolo)

Marianne's aim as an artist is to combine knowledge and development of tradition.

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latest News
Reversing the bowing technique in the Cello Suites 29. Mar 2018

The recording of the 6 Bach Cello Suites is available! (full baroque set up)

This recording follows similar bow-strokes to the gamba, but with an overhand bow old.

This CD is part of a project about the baroque cello but also the mechanic of the sound/strings/vibrations, a...

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Short Profile

NameDumas, Marianne
Born inFrance, Europe
Home LocationBerlin, Germany
Main languageFrench
Additional languages English,  German,  Spanish; Castilian 
attended UniversitiesCarnegie Mellon university Pittsburgh USA , Conservatoire National de Lyon France

Quartet experience
Baroque cello & Bach Cello Suites : Reversing the bowing technique
(click on the bottom right of the image for subtitles)
"Some move the bow as is customary on the viola da gamba, that is, instead of a down-stroke from left to right for the principal notes, they make an up-stroke from right to left, beginning from the tip of the bow."

J. J. Quantz about cellists, Berlin, 1752 excerpt from "The art of playing the flute".

My idea with this project was of course not to say "this is "the" way", but to explore a technique also used during the baroque period. It convinced me and gave me a deeper understanding of the instrument and the mechanic of the sound of the cello, the vibration of the strings etc. There is still a lot more to explore, but this is my contribution on the topic.

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Samples of each track:…

The recording will be soon available for download on itunes etc. , and also on streaming platforms like spotify, IDAGIO , under the label Urania records & Manzoni Editore 
Starling Quartet
2006-2008 : Cellist of the Starling quartet. 
Bach Cello Suites - CD2 - preview
Full baroque set up, 4 and 5 string cellos
Visit for more informations. 
J.S Bach, Prelude 1, Baroque cello, Marianne Dumas
Travelling with a cello 101 : The extra seat and the airlines...

Booking your ticket and the cello's ticket :

Option 1 : ​Booking a real EXTRA SEAT* 

*An EXTRA SEAT is like an extension of your own seat,  it is exempt of airport taxes, but has to be booked by phone as "Special Service Request". (For low cost companies , they often tell you to buy 2 seats, then go to option 2.)

Option 2 : Booking 2 full seats

And then : Installing your cello on board

Everything is explained here:


Black Angels : Thirteen Images from the Dark Land
Diapason d'or

Diapason de juin 2007Critique de Nicolas BaronPage n° 90

Duo with Adrien Reignier
Orange twist?
Looks like HELLO STAGE and me have a color in common. 

Collaborations with different Flamenco shows 

Here: Suite Sevilla , Antonio Najarro - Ballet national de España
percussion, guitars, flute, violin, cello

2011-2014 Principal Cello - Madrid
Principal cello for Fundacion Excelentia, Madrid, National auditorium 
Bach Cello Suites - CD1 - Preview
Visit for more informations on the project 
Debussy Cello Sonata mvt 2 & 3
with pianist Vahan Sargsyan 
Marianne Dumas
Baroque cello, Bach Suites 
A good karma for 2017

New Post on my website... A read on how to find time to practice...


w/ M. Rostropovitch
Souvenir of a masterclass with the big Master

"Dumas plays with extraordinary virtuosity and expressive power",
"" Dumas plays with extraordinary virtuosity and expressive power, though the excessive rubato and brooding weight of Romantic interpretations are replaced by agile rhythms and a lightness of tone that is rare in cello music. Dumas also reverses bowing, in the manner of playing a viola da gamba, and this technique produces greater resonance than conventional bow strokes. Because she regards her work on the suites as a research project, Dumas has aimed at a more objective approach rather than a subjective reading, though her playing is by no means mechanical and her expressiveness still shines through in her artistic shaping of the harmony and the sound, though without Romantic gestures or self-indulgent moodiness.""
(Blair Sanderson)
Marianne Dumas

Albert e(s)t Moi 

Solo recital , Private venue,  Bordeaux

Stamitz cello Concerto
Duo with Adrien Reignier
Recording Bach cello Suites

Picture of the beautiful B#Sharp Studio in Berlin where I have the pleasure of recording the Bach Cello Suites with Grammy Award-winning producer Philipp Nedel.

This recording is part of my Bach project, I play on baroque cellos but with a new sound... The project has the support of Ton Koopman.

The Suites 1, 2 and 3 have been recorded in January and are ready!

The next recording session is scheduled for March 15th, 16th and 17th for the other 3 suites!


Severance Hall Cleveland
Hindemith Kammermusik & Der Dämon op.28 
The website about my work on Bach
3 years of work on the baroque cello and the Bach Cello Suites
Follow this website, the release is getting closer :) ! 
Marianne Dumas
Baroque cello,
2016 Bach cello Suites recording release 
Bach Suite nº2 , Sarabande
Recorded by Philipp Nedel @ B sharp studio in Berlin on January 12th 2016 
Solo cellist for movie scoring

Among the recordings...

Lucio Godoy : Blackthorn - El corredor Nocturno
Federico Jusid : La señora - Gran reserva
Gustavo gini : La señora 
Ale Martí : Hospital central

Franck Sonata - 1st mvt
with pianist A. Reignier 
Bach cello suite Nº2
Always a joy to play Bach, even when it is not with my baroque cello.. 
Marianne Dumas