Marianne Dumas

violoncello, cello (baroque), cello (piccolo)
(c) Marianne Dumas
Credits: Marianne Dumas

Baroque cello & Bach Cello Suites : Reversing the bowing technique

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"Some move the bow as is customary on the viola da gamba, that is, instead of a down-stroke from left to right for the principal notes, they make an up-stroke from right to left, beginning from the tip of the bow."

J. J. Quantz about cellists, Berlin, 1752 excerpt from "The art of playing the flute".

My idea with this project was of course not to say "this is "the" way", but to explore a technique also used during the baroque period. It convinced me and gave me a deeper understanding of the instrument and the mechanic of the sound of the cello, the vibration of the strings etc. There is still a lot more to explore, but this is my contribution on the topic.

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The recording will be soon available for download on itunes etc. , and also on streaming platforms like spotify, IDAGIO , under the label Urania records & Manzoni Editore