Maria Radutu

(c) Catalin Orezeanu - VerdeFish
Credits: Video: Alex Gelehrter - Urbanfriendsrepublik, Audio: Georg Burdicek - Tonzauber

Insomnia Official Trailer - Universal Music

Insomnia - 100% classical, all jazzy
an hour of music to be enjoyed with or without a classical music background, alone or as a couple. Whether you’re happy or blue, Insomnia is your companion for sleepless nights. Thrilling moods, white landscapes, inexplicable beauty in sound. The sound moves from an impressionistic Alexander Skrjabin, to a menacing Arvo Pärt and a desperate Jean Sibelius, and on to the Nordic minimalism of the "white landscapes" by Peteris Vasks. The commissioned work for Insomnia, "Last Smoke" by Margareta Ferek Petric and Christoph Cech’s jazz ballad, full of saxophone improvisations, let us find the peace of a secular morning prayer. This album will not be a sleeping aid, but it wants to touch the different elements and shadows of this very special and personal atmosphere.