Lobkowicz Trio


Lobkowicz Trio, winner of Johannes Brahms competition in Poertschach 2014.

Three extraordinary gifted and young musicians are connected with the similar views of music. All three members are graduates from the Prague Conservatoire. Jan Mráček (violin), a laureate of the International Music Competition "Prague Spring", presently studies at Universitat für musik Wien, Lukáš Klánský (piano) and Ivan Vokáč (violoncello) are both students at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. All three musicians are also performing as soloists, and belong to highly regarded players of their generation. In June 2014 Lobkowicz trio won the third prize at Antonín Dvorak international chamber music competition in Prague.

Ensemble Lobkowicz Trio performs most importantly in the Czech Republic, however successfully gives concerts abroad, for instance in Germany. Last year, it was a concert in Wolfsburg. Ensemble was also performing for the Czech television broadcasting at this year's music festival called "Feasts of Music" in Luhačovice (South-East Moravia) held by Czech violin virtuoso Václav Hudeček. Towards a very special event belongs their concert for the Prague Spring Festival supporters held in April 2013, where performed pieces by Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Suk. The ensemble regularly consults their musical views with prominent Czech artists, e.g. as Ivan Klánský, Miroslav Petráš or Pavel Hůla.

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