Krzyżowa-Music: Music for Europe.

From the summer of 2015 onwards Krzyżowa, Poland, a place that like no other stands for exchange of thoughts, culture and the European ideal, will offer internationally acclaimed artists and young, aspiring musicians the opportunity to live, rehearse and take part in performances together. The newly founded Krzyżowa-Music is an ambitious music workshop with a festival flair. Each year the workshop will culminate in a series of concerts in Poland (Lower Silesia) coupled with an international tour which will make Krzyżowa-Music resonate throughout Europe.

Viviane Hagner has succeeded in gathering a number of exceptionally distinguished musicians to join her as Seniors of Krzyżowa-Music. Many of them were able to make themselves available for Krzyżowa's inaugural season, and some also have personal ties to the Marboro Festival.
Krzyżowa-Music invites this year 28 carefully selected young musicians to spend over two weeks of the summer in the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa, together with some of the most sought-after, educationally experienced musicians from around the world. In a casual yet concentrated atmosphere, they will work together, learn together, share their generational experiences as well as perform together.
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