Konstantia Gourzi

conductor, composer
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credits: Astrid Ackermann
© Astrid Ackermann
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credits: Yorgos Mavropoulos
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Paharión, the Red Angel in the Garden of las Huelgas
Konstantia Gourzi with Saint Ephraim Choir Budapest and opus21musikplus soloists: Vassilis Agrokostas, Miltiades Papastamou, Harris Lambrakis, Slava Cernavca!
Konstantia Gourzi: flying carpet 2013 - Odyssey (Trailer)
Konstantia Gourzi invited three composers to engage with three themes of The Odyssey: migration – integration; victory – defeat - aspiration; victory - hubris – defeat - homecoming.
Flying Carpet’s concept also seeks to promote cultural understanding. It is important to Konstantia Gourzi that the composers all have a connection to The Odyssey, in that they bring together the principal cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. These are:
*       Turkey/the Ottoman Empire, represented by Sinem Altan, who was born in Ankara (Turkey) in 1985 
*       Judaism, represented by Amos Elkana (b. 1967), who lives in Tel Aviv (Israel)
*       Greece, represented by Giorgos Koumendakis (b. 1959), who lives and works in Athens.
credits: opus21musikplus
© opus21musikplus
Konstantia Gourzi: P-ILION - nine fragments of an eternity (Signum Quartet)
"Another recent favourite of ours is Konstantia Gourzi's second quartet "P-ILION - nine fragments of an eternity". A beautiful, luminous piece." The Signum Quartett
credits: Signum Quartett
© Signum Quartett
Konstantia Gourzi - Eros für zwei Frauenstimmen und kleines Orchester
Video-Trailer of "EROS", premiered at the Allerheiligen Hofkirche München, 8.2.2015, Anna Stylianaki & Andromahi Raptis, Bavarian State Orchestra, conducted by Konstantia Gourzi.