Kim Allen Kluge

conductor, composer
"Maestro Kluge is a brilliant composer, conductor and visionary of our time. Epic Performance." --The Washington Post

“Kluge’s sense of drama was evident…relentless pressure I associate with Arturo Toscanini.”
The Washington Post

As internationally recognized composers for performing artists and organizations ranging from music icons Branford Marsalis and Midori to the National Gallery of Art, Kathryn and I have recently branched out into film and have quickly captured the attention of industry leaders including academy award-wining directors & producers.  We are inspired by the process of "getting inside the heads" of directors and thrive on the collaborative process.  We are loyal team-players, innovators & creative problem solvers.

We compose in all styles but the Kluge hallmark sound is always audible-- VISCERAL, POWERFUL & TRANSCENDENT.  Melody is our calling card — beautiful and memorable melodies that soar and speak to the heart. This distinguishes us within our profession, but we can compose a compelling ambient score as well.

My recently completed classical crossover “American Concerto for Piano & Orchestra” was composed to appeal to a vast global audience. As Composer & Consultant I build crossover audiences for orchestras and performing arts groups including opera, dance, chorus & theater.  I am slated to be the film scorer, orchestrator, arranger and studio conductor for a film version of Eckhard Tolle’s “Milton’s Secret” starring Peter Fonda.  

I am a Music Advisor for the Hollywood Film Festival and produced/moderated a music panel for the 2014 Topanga Film Festival with film director/producer Alexander Payne.  I serve on the Advisory Board of Digital Hollywood and as Music Advisor for CineCause, a global organization dedicated to film-makers who want to have a positive social impact on the world.

I am recognized as an expert in the film/tv/media by my ability to create studio quality orchestral scores, at a mere fraction of traditional costs, through my Kluge Virtual Orchestra, which can be heard at:

As a conductor, I am known for my passionate, powerful and poetic conducting style.  The press has stated, “In its power, Kluge’s performance bore the hallmarks of the work of such mesmerizing conductors as Artur Nikisch and…Leonard Bernstein.” — The Alexandria Journal.   “Kluge is superb at high-voltage works like this -– if you haven’t heard him conduct, you’re missing a great musical experience -– and (he) turned in a taut, visceral reading, perhaps the most exciting [Rite of Spring] heard here in years.” — The Washington Post

I believe that every rehearsal and concert, every masterclass and mentoring session, should be a transcendent experience.  The Washington Post has observed,  “Kluge has transformed the ensemble in just two years—and every section bears the mark of his intelligence and drive.  World-class!”  

One of the great privileges of my profession is to be able to share the deepest expressions of our humanity with musicians and audience.  It is this kind of intense community investment that fosters a symphony’s growth in all areas— including audience development & fundraising.

In my music programming, I have found that often the most transformative experiences come from collaborations with other disciplines and experimenting with unique performance formats & repertoire.   For example, I am currently working closely with Martin Scorsese as a Producer/Curator of a major Scorsese Retrospective that will present an innovative fusion of music concerts with film events & museum exhibitions.   I strive to make every artistic experience revelatory and educational at its core.  

I have brought my orchestra into the life of the community and was recently named a "Living Legend of Alexandria".

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Short Profile

NameKluge, Kim Allen
Born inUnited States, North America
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Italian,  German,  French,  Spanish; Castilian 
attended UniversitiesOberlin Conservatory
Alexandria Symphony offers a sensuous ‘Rite of Spring’ at National Gallery
2013-05-20 The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

May 29 marks the 100th anniversary of the wonderfully scandalous premiere of Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," when a near-riot broke out in the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Performances of this still-spectacular work are being staged all over the world this month, and one of the most striking may have been Sunday evening's performance by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, in the Atrium of the National Gallery of Art's East Building. With its slashing angles, kinetic spaces and eruptive heights, the Atrium echoes "Rite's" own brash and fearless modernism - and from that perspective, at least, it's hard to imagine a more perfect setting.

This is elemental, even savage music, a ballet in which a pagan dancer dances herself to death, and the Atrium seemed to magnify Stravinsky's driving, asymmetrical rhythms and punching, explosive gestures to an almost overpowering pitch. Kluge is superb at high-voltage works like this - if you haven't heard him conduct, you're missing a great musical experience - and turned in a taut, visceral reading, perhaps the most exciting heard here in years.
(Stephen Brookes)
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