Kerim Altınörs


He was born in 1981, in Neuss GERMANY. He has started playing the guitar, by playing Flamenco. He has continued his work, on classical guitar with Yildiz Technical University Instructor Mr. Dr. Bulent ERGUDEN. He has come first in classical guitar competition organized by "". He has joined the proficiency classes of famous guitarists like Thomas Müler-PERING, Elena PAPANDREOU, Marco SOCIAS, Hopkinson SMITH, Nora BUSCHMANN, Lorenzo MICHELI, Carmelo MARTINEZ and Carlo MARCHIONE. He has found chance to work with Lucio MATARAZZO, Zoran DUKIC, and Hubert KAPPEL in Koblenz International Guitar Festival (Germany).

The Guitarist who has performed solo concert in YTU 7. International Guitar Days "Young Talents" concert and in YTU 8. International Guitar Days established by Paco PENA's participation, has also taken place in the Organization Committee of that festival. During his military service in Ankara Harmonical Band Commandership, he has instructed the Classical Guitar courses, as a "Guide Teacher" in the Band Schools. He is continuing his works Istanbul University State Conservatory Instructor Mr. Erdem Söknen about Spanish Guitar Music and Rondrigo.

He is continuing his works as a member of "YILDIZ GUITAR DUO", which was established in 2006. He has performed the concerts in the organizations like Yıldız Duo, YTU 9. International Guitar Days YTU 10. International Guitar Days, Caddebostan Cultural Center, Turkey 3. Guitar Meeting, Young Classicals. The Duo who make researches on Spanish Romantism, are continuing their work on "duo guitar" arrangements.

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