Julian Layn

piano, composer
(c) Sebastiano Bucca
Credits: Photo by Sebastiano Bucca

Inauguration concert piano sonata Nr. 1 "The Queen"

Julian is ready for the inauguration concert of his piano sonata Nr. 1 "The Queen"

Come to Tonhalle Zürich, Thursday 10. September 19:30

In the first part of the evening, Julian will give a tour d'horizon of his work including the fulminant "Thunderstorm Trilogy" off his piano concerto Nr.1 "Heavy Clouds Over Vast Wide Open" and the second movement "Scylla and Charybdis" off his piano concerto Nr. 2 "The Ecocalypse"

In the second part of the evening Julian will present his piano sonata Nr. 1 "The Queen" for the first time publicly.
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