Judit Zsovár

soprano voice

Judit Zsovár is a soprano and musicologist (PhD), currently a collaborator to the project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, on the Viennese Kärntnertortheater’s repertoire reconstruction between the years of 1728–1748, conducted by Dr Andrea Sommer-Mathis; and assists Dr Reinhard Strohm with the upcoming volume of the Halle Handel Edition's Scipione.

After extended training in piano, music theory, and singing, she graduated with a Master of Music degree in Musicology at the Liszt Academy Budapest in 2006. As a soprano, Judit studied with Marek Rzepka (Leipzig and Krakow) as well as coach Stephen Hopkins of the Vienna State Opera, and participated in masterclasses held by Roberta Invernizzi, Katalin HalmaiJúlia Hamari, Krisztina Laki, Malcolm Bilson, Lorenzo Ghirlanda, and Luca Pianca. She played Mozart and Cimarosa roles with the Erkel Chamber Opera (Budapest, 2010-12), and appeared at the Vienna Konzerthaus with the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg under Ivor Bolton (2012). Judit performed Spanish music together with guitarist Melinda Tóth (Nádor Hall, 2013), and interpreted a wide-ranging Baroque repertoire with harpsichordist Fanni Edőcs (Liszt Chamber Hall, 2014).

Her PhD thesis focuses on Anna Maria Strada’s vocal art (Anna Maria Strada del Pò, Handel’s Prima Donna: Portrait of an Uncommon Voice; Liszt Academy 2016), with which she earned her doctorate in 2017. Judit is also investigating the relations between Baroque and Romantic bel canto vocal techniques in the mirror of the soprano sfogato voice type. From 2014 on, she was presenting her singing and research at the same time by giving lecture recitals at international conferences (in Salzburg, London, Bern, Helsinki and Budapest). She has publications inter alia in the Händel-Jahrbuch 62 (2016). She is also interested in learning and speaking foreign languages such as English, German, Italian and lately French and Spanish.

Judit held the Zoltán Kodály Scholarship in 2015, and was granted the Handel Institute Research- as well as Conference Awards (2015), the German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship (DAAD, 2014), and the Scholarship of the Hungarian State (2004/2005). 

From the territory of jazz and improvisation she had the opportunity to work together with Bobby McFerrin and Roger Treece (Germany, 2010-11). This experience turned her musical thinking around and inspired Judit to develop her own style in composing as an essential part of her versatile musicianship. 

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