Judit Zsovár

soprano voice
"... I hear a sky-born music still: It sounds from all things old, It sounds from all things young" (Ralph Waldo Emerson: Music)
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My PhD Thesis (not yet defended) about Anna Maria Strada, Handel's Prima Donna is available online 29. Aug 2016


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singing Fiordiligi 
Handel: Partenope - Voglio amare
Handel: Poro - Se il Ciel (Cleofide)
An experiment with special types of Baroque portamenti: scivolo and strascino 
Pier Francesco Tosi, Opinioni de’ cantori antichi e moderni, o sieno osservazioni sopra il canto figurato (Bologna: Dalla Volpe, 1723); Eng. trans. by John Ernest Galliard as Observations on the Florid Song or, Sentiments on the ancient and modern Singers (London: Wilcox, 1743).
Johann Friedrich Agricola, Anleitung zu singekunst (Berlin: G. L. Winter, 1757). 
Leonardo Leo: Zenobia in Palmira - Quando irato il Ciel (Aspasia)
This is an aria sung by Anna Maria Strada as Aspasia (and as Farinelli’s stage partner) in Leonardo Leo’s Zenobia in Palmira; premièred at the Teatro San Bartolomeo in Naples on May 13, 1725 
Sarro: Tito Sempronio Gracco - Se veglia, se dorme
Mozart: Così fan tutte - Come scoglio
Handel: Alcina - Ombre pallide
Torroba: La petenera