Johanna Rose

viola da gamba
Gambistin mit Bremer Wurzeln und südlich-geprägter Ausbildung ....

'..that she maintains her residence in Seville is a great fortune for her fans, who can often enjoy her powerful sound, the agility of her bow and her wonderful musicality...' (Diario de Sevilla)
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C.P.E. Bach, Gamba Sonatas 13. May 2017

The new Cd of Johanna Rose with the three Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is out now with the new label 'Rubicon Classics'.

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Short Profile

NameRose, Johanna
Born inGermany, Europe
Home LocationSevilla, Spain
Main languageGerman
Additional languages English,  Spanish; Castilian,  Italian 

Nach dem Höhepunkt
2017-12-30 Pizzicato,

Die Gambistin Johanna Rose, die in verschiedenen Originalklangensembles gespielt hat, legt hier ihr erstes Album vor. Ihr farbenreiches und elegantes Spiel vermittelt den Charakter der Viola da Gamba mit singend sonorem und weichem Klang ausdrucksvoll. Ihr zur Seite steht mit Javier Nunez ein sowohl als Solist als auch Continuospieler arrivierter Kollege, der dem Cembalo in einem Maße Leben und Farbe abgewinnt, wie es nicht jedem gelingt. Insbesondere auch die Cembalosolosonate erlebt mit diesem ausgereiften Spiel eine lebendige und beeindruckende Interpretation. Zusammen zeigen die beiden Musiker die ganze Qualität dieser späten Gambenwerke.

To a certain extent, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's works for viola da gamba and harpsichord are behind the time, as the great period of the viola da gamba was over when he composed for Ludwig Christian Hesse, a foremost player of this instrument. Johanna Rose and Javier Nunez prove exquisite advocates of this sensitive and also challenging music.
(Uwe Krusch)
REVIEW from 2017-12-30  
CPE Bach Sonatas for Viola da Gamba
2017-12-01 Gramophone,

Rose draws out every ounce of intimacy and grace, too. These are beautifully sensitive, expressive and musically shaped performances. There's often a wonderful aria-like quality to her slow movements; the C major Sonata's Arioso final movement truly is vocal in delivery, for instance. Then, with the more up-tempo, virtuoso moments, such as the lightning runs of the D major Sonata's central Allegro di molto, she brings a gentleness together with a strong sense of rhythm. Her tone itself is glorious too: rich and dark, with an exceptionally attractive grainy edge to it.


(Charlotte Gardner)
REVIEW from 2017-12-01  
Johanna Rose, Javier Núñez: C.P.E. BACH sonatas for viola da gamba
2018-02-02 the Strad,
""The music's swiftly changing 'affects' are depicted by Johanna Rose with a sure sense of style and agile technique'....'The central slow movement is a magnificent example of the 'sentimental style' for which Bach Junior was celebrated; its aching dissonances are fully relished and held almost to breaking point by both interpreters, who then break into an Allegro assai that develops a breathtaking momentum, bringing this well-recorded CD to a triumphant close.""
REVIEW from 2018-02-02  
'Solo à Viola da Gamba e Basso'
C.P.E. Bach
Sonate in D-Dur
Die Gambe zu bachs Zeiten
2018-03-24, Wildeshausen

Soloists: Rose, Johanna
Bach, C.P.E., 3 sonats for viola da gamba
2018-01-01 Scherzo,
"..."Johanna Rose se adentra en los recovecos expresivos y retóricos con gran atención a los detalles y los acentos. El sonido es brillante y tamizado, sin las asperezas ni tonos metálicos habituales en otros solistas. Por el contrario, sabe extraer una interesante gama de colores, siempre desde una pulchrísima afinación (lo que no es facil en este instrumento, especialmente en su registro más agúdo). Sobresale el deroche de agilidades, siempre precisas y rutilantes, en los endiablados pasajes de semicorcheas del Allegro di molto de la sonata Wq. 137. Por otra parte, acierta con el tono melancólico del fraseo, a base de un bien dosificado legato, de los tiempos lentos, especialmente del Larghetto de la Wq. 88,"..."
(Andrés Moreno Menjíbar)
REVIEW from 2018-01-01  
C.P.E.Bach, 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba on Rubicon Classics
Some moments of our recording session. What a great composer C.P.E.Bach is!!

Photos by Luis Castilla 
Schaffrath Duo
Johanna Rose Viola da Gamba
Solo piece for Viola da Gamba from the Drexel Manuscript of Carl Friedrich Abel.