Joan Martí-Frasquier


"The impeccable technique and malleability of baritone saxophonist Joan Martí-Frasquier put the touch of excellence".
Revista Musical Catalana (digital edition, 2013/12/17)

"We were touched by the faultless and emotive performance of the young saxophonist Joan Martí[-Frasquier]".
Revista Musical Catalana, nº 248 (June 2005)

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    latest News
    My new album is now on Spotify!! 11. Feb 2016

    You can now listen to my first solo album BELIEVER about contemporary music for baritone saxophone on Spotify. You will discover the sound palette of this instrument in a varied-style album.
    Click here and enjoy:

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    Short Profile

    NameMartí-Frasquier, Joan
    Date of Birth1971-08-17
    Born inSpain, Europe
    Main languageCatalan; Valencian
    Additional languages English,  Spanish; Castilian,  French 
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