Jessica Luis

soprano voice

Venezuelan soprano, she did her vocals studies with the professor Margot Pares – Reyna at the Experimental National Arts University, "UNEARTE" where she got her musical degree. Now day she still taking her vocal studies with the venezuelan soprano Mariana Ortiz.

In 2005 she participed in the staging of the children opera call "Brundibar" by Hans Krása; in 2007 she did the wain role at the Venezuelan zarzuela called "El cumpleaños de Leonor" by José Angel Montero. In the year 2013 she did her debut at the Municipal theater of Caracas such "El Paje" at The Rigoletto opera of G. Verdi.

She as participated in master class with greats internationals masters such a Bernard Kerres, Michael Pinkerton, Gerald Wirth, Susanna Franggi, Gregor Rot, and also with importants international renowned singers like Laura Claycomb, Cybele Gouverneur, René Morlok and Yun Kyoung Yi.

She was a fonder member of the Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir of Venezuela.

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