Interclassica Music Management


The principlas of Interclassica are Benno Schollum and Eleanor Hope.

Benno Schollum is a singer (bass-baritone) with an international career, co-author of the book German for Singers (Schirmer, New York) now in its second edition and an effective and authorative guide to German diction for singers of every genre. He teaches at the Institute for Singing and Music Theatere of the University of Vienna and gives Lied master classes with special emphasis on diction.

Eleanor Hope has worked in music for over thirty years, starting as secretary to Yehudi Menuhin, becoming his manager, running his music festival in Gstaad, Switzerland, and after living and working for 20 years in London she sold the agency she has founded, which represented over 100 artists, and relocated to Vienna running Interclassica Music Management.

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