Hiyoli Togawa

Lately, I have started to paint nature. It is so inspiring to first take a paint brush, create shapes, light and shades with colours and then get back to playing the viola and take over the same idea of creating with the bow....... 
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Review of solo recital in "Süddeutsche Zeitung" 17. Jan 2016

A detailed review appeared in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" after a virtuosic, challenging solo recital in Munich.

January 2016


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Portrait in German of recital at Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern 2015
Hiyoli Togawa. Viola
Lilit Grigoryan, Piano 
Max Reger suite for Viola solo op 131d
2nd movement - vivace  
Singen, protzen, lodern und grollen
2016-01-24 Süddeutsche Zeitung , Munich
""A viola can sing sweetly, flare passionately or even ponder with a humanly voice. Togawas moderation revealed a passionate and convincing personality. The Capriccio by Henri Vieuxtemps bloomed under magical shades of colors. In passionate moments Togawa yet revealed touching tenderness. A masterly achievement""
(Reinhard Palmer )
REVIEW from 2016-01-24  
Max Reger Suite op. 131d Nr. 3
4th movement - allegro vivace  
Max Reger Suite op. 131d Nr. 3
1st movement - moderato 
Max Reger suite for Viola solo op 131d
3rd movement - adagio  
Concert piece by George Enescu
Live performance

Prize winner's concert of the International Johannes Brahms Competition in Austria