Hiyoli Togawa


Hiyoli Togawa, the Japanese-Australian violist, was born and raised in Düsseldorf. Having been attracted to the beautiful timbre of the viola at an early age, she started studying at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne with Rainer Moog before graduating from the class of Antoine Tamestit in the same conservatory. 

Not only did she receive several prizes in her youth (e.g. 1st prize "Jugend musiziert" competition), but she proceeded to win the 48th International Viola Competition in Markneukirchen in 2013 and was awarded the 2nd prize of the International Johannes Brahms Competition in 2014. 
She received numerous special prizes, e.g. from Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben. After her studies in the string quartet class of the Artemis Quartet at the Chapel Queen Elisabeth in Waterloo/Belgium, Hiyoli Togawa moved to Munich in order to continue her studies at the Conservatory of Music of Munich with Hariolf Schlichtig.

Hiyoli Togawa has performed in Europe and in Japan. She presented herself as a soloist with orchestras such as Vogtland Philharmonie, Chursächsische Philharmonie and Klassische Philharmonie Bonn. As a chamber musician she has performed in ensembles with Hariolf Schlichtig, Igor Levit, Veronika Eberle, Jörg Widmann and the Delian Quartet, among others. 

Hiyoli Togawa has been welcomed in festivals including Fürstensaal Classix in Kempten, „Bernd Glemser and friends“ in Maulbronn, Heidelberger Frühling, Chopin Festival Marienbad (Czech Republic), Schwäbischer Frühling, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. 

As a prize winner of the competition "Deutscher Musikinstrumentenfonds" she is playing on a Paolo Antonio Testore (1749) from Milan, a loan from the Foundation Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben.

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Singen, protzen, lodern und grollen
2016-01-24 Süddeutsche Zeitung , Munich
""A viola can sing sweetly, flare passionately or even ponder with a humanly voice. Togawas moderation revealed a passionate and convincing personality. The Capriccio by Henri Vieuxtemps bloomed under magical shades of colors. In passionate moments Togawa yet revealed touching tenderness. A masterly achievement""
(Reinhard Palmer )
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