Gesa Luecker

German pianist Gesa Luecker gave her first public concert aged only nine and her orchestral debut followed when she was 12 years old. She studied with Martin Dörrie and Matti Raekallio at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover up until the concert exam program; further work with luminaries such as Arie Vardi, Fabio Bidini and Jerome Rose made an important contribution to her musical development.

She was a prize winner of the Bruno-Frey-Stiftung, of the Hanover Chopin Society and of national and international competitions.
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Gesa Luecker’s Debut CD of works by Mozart and Prokofiev
2010-05-01 Audiophil No.5/2010,

"Here again, Gesa Luecker conveyed the very essence of the music. Without a trace of showmanship or artifice, technically flawless, outstanding musicality."

(E.van den Hoogen)
REVIEW from 2010-05-01  
2011-07-01 New York Times, New York City
""...a straightforward and sensitive with imagination and technical prowess...""
(Anthony Tommasini)
REVIEW from 2011-07-01  
Gesa Luecker
Gesa Luecker