Gerard Schwarz


Internationally recognised for his moving performances, innovative programming and extensive catalogue of recordings, American conductor Gerard Schwarz serves as music director of the All-Star Orchestra, music director of the Eastern Music Festival in North Carolina and Jack Benaroya conductor laureate of the Seattle Symphony.

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    TV Lets the All-Stars Play Together
    2013-09-06 New York Times,
    "All-Star Orchestra… the sheer richness, warmth and body of the orchestral sound are something special….. the musicians bring vast, and palpable, experience to bear. The playing is consistently strong, with wondrous solo moments…. sumptuous splendor and technical assurance …. As always, Mr. Schwarz proves a skilled and efficient conductor …  Robert Cafaro, a Philadelphia Orchestra cellist, clearly speaks for many players when he says: "I had no idea it would be quite this good. This is probably the highest-level orchestra I've ever played with."  "
    (Anathony Tommassini)
    REVIEW from 2013-09-06  
    All Star Orchestra - Gustav Mahler - Symphony No 2 Resurrection
    Herman Berlinski - Avodat Shabbat
    Short documentary feature on Herman Berlinski's liturgical magnum opus, Avodat Shabbat. Includes interviews with the composer reflecting on the historical and personal significance of performing his most devoutly Jewish work in the land he fled to escape Nazi persecution, and commentary by conductor Gerard Scwartz, Milken Archive founder Lowell Milken, and Artistic Director Neil W. Levin. Video footage from the recording session features the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin and Ernst Senff Chor with soloists Robert Brubaker, Elizabeth Shammash, and Constance Hauman.