Geoffrey McDonald - conductor

conductor, violoncello, piano

Music Director, Longy Conservatory Orchestra
Music Director, On Site Opera
Music Director, Bard College Orchestra
Cellist, Miracles of Modern Science (
Instructor, Bard College Conservatory Graduate Program in Conducting
Conductor, Opera Philadelphia workshop of Charlie Parker's Yardbird (May 2014-June 2015)
Guest Conductor, El Gato con Botas with Gotham Chamber Opera (November/December 2014)


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Alcina - Overture
Longy Conservatory Orchestra Dvorak Symphony no. 7, II
A Sorceress Stirs Up a Sense of Adventurousness
2014-09-23 newspaper, New York City
""The score [of Alcina], one of Handel's most glorious, was substantially yet smartly trimmed…by Mr. Schlather and the conductor, Geoffrey McDonald, who led a performance alert to both the overall momentum and the shape of individual numbers.""
(Zachary Woolfe)
REVIEW from 2014-09-23  
Moving Music for Moving Images
2014-09-30 webpage, Boston
""The pieces fared well with the Longy Conservatory Orchestra, led by Geoffrey McDonald. McDonald's leadership of the ensemble was thrilling and dynamic, coaxing a rich sound that resonated satisfyingly in the venue. In particular, I was struck by how resonant the histrionics of Psycho fared in the space, transforming an already seething accompaniment to a roiling furor. The Gone with the Wind suite was the clear hero of the evening, reveling in a generous performance that clearly understood the breadth of the Steiner's motives, presenting them in a wide scope while maintaining significant attention to the minutiae of the score.""
(Sudeep Agarwala)
REVIEW from 2014-09-30