Gabriela Montero

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Gabriela Montero, "God Save the Queen". THE ALDEBURGH IMPROVISATIONS, no.5
n 2012, Venezuelan pianist and composer Gabriela Montero improvised the entire second half of her solo recital at the Aldeburgh Festival. As a theme for her fifth and final improvisation, a member of the audience suggested "God Save the Queen".
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Gabriela Montero: The Costa Rica Session. Improvisation No.2
In one three-hour recording session at the Teatro National, Costa Rica, Venezuelan pianist and composer Gabriela Montero spontaneously composed and recorded 21 complete, new works. All 21 pieces were recorded in one take. Three of these works were released on the 2015 Latin Grammy Award-winning album, "Gabriela Montero" (Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.1, Montero "Ex Patria", Montero "Improvisations") ORCHID CLASSICS. The Costa Rica Session was recorded by Jonathan Allen (Abbey Road Studios) and filmed. All 21 works will be shared on GabrielaMonteroTV from January 2016.