Fire Island Opera Festival

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Opening Night Gala: a Salon at Sunset, August 22nd 2014

Join us for the gala opening night of Fire Island Opera Festival's second season as we bring you to the 'Belle Epoque' or 'Golden Age' of Paris in 1900. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust's masterpiece, Remembrance of Things Past, by installing our own fin de siècle Parisian musical salon at one of the most beautiful bayside mansions in the Pines. The program includes music which inspired Proust's writing and vocal mélodies by Proust's longtime lover, Reynaldo Hahn. Songs will be performed against the backdrop of the setting sun and classical tableaux vivants featuring the beautiful dancers of the Fire Island Opera Festival. The evening includes an open pink champagne bar and will culminate with a tasting of chocolate soufflés, macarons, and madeleines created from vintage Proust family recipes by chocolatier, Lauren Gockley
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