Fabio Antonelli

I'm a composer from Italy. I studied Composition in Italy (Como and Milan) Musicology and Astrophysics and Cosmology at Pavia and Bologna universities. I write for piano and chamber and orchestral works.
With my music I search the silence, but not an empty silence and I don't need to write complex scores to search this silence. As I think that only in a little point we can find a great energy is not necessary to write too much notes, sounds, signs to reach this point. In a mind of a composer we can't find the music, but we can find music ony in the universe.

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Short Profile

NameAntonelli, Fabio
Date of Birth1966-09-03
Born inItaly, Europe
Home LocationCastell'Arquato, Italy
Main languageItalian
attended UniversitiesConservatory of Como and Milan University of Pavia and Bologna