Fabio Antonelli

I need to be near a structural silence when I write music because I feel that the silence can be full of energy. My idea is that the purity of music is like a form of universal energy and this form can be very simple, like a point.  Some cosmological theories explain that this can be real but here I don't write as astrophysics and from my studies of cosmology but as a composer with my personal language also if a contact is possible beetween cosmological theories and music. I can say now that to reach this silence, and maybe to be near this point so far away in the universe, it's not necessary to write too much notes and a score has to be essential and with less expression tools as possible. If a score is black and complex is so far away the purity of the universe.

Please contact me or my agency and publisher if you can be interested in recording sessions or if you want to play my music
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my new works and new publisher 09. May 2016

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Short Profile

NameAntonelli, Fabio
Date of Birth1966-09-03
Born inItaly, Europe
Home LocationCastell'Arquato, Italy
Main languageItalian
attended UniversitiesConservatory of Como and Milan University of Pavia and Bologna

Piccola suite in do minore a mia Madre
Piccola suite in do minore a mia Madre
per soprano e pianoforte
soprano Silvana Mihova
pianoforte Silvana Mihova
musica di Fabio Antonelli 
Sonatina infinitesimale in do minore Ai184 [Ovp, fgpf528]
this is a little work for piano 
Sonata per Pianoforte I Movimento
audio of first movement of Piano Sonata from my CD "Opere Infinitesimali"
Pianista: Giorgio Cozzuti Recorded by Alessandro Sdrigotti 
Suite infinitesimale in mi minore per chitarra
this is a little suite for guitar 
Ode Minima Terza "Ave Maria" Ai197 [Ovp, fgpf576]
This is a little work for soprano and viola 
Lieder sospesi nei piccoli spazi
Frammenti dai Lieder sospesi nei piccoli spazi
mezzo soprano Tara Maalouf
Pianoforte Filippo Lovatin e Massimo Cottica
Violino Roberto Arnoldi
Musica di Fabio Antonelli