FIVE SAX is a modern-style saxophone quintet featuring five musicians from around the world, who thrill audiences with their exciting way of performing.

In 2012 five saxophonists converged in Vienna from Italy, USA, Belgium, Poland and Chile. United by a modern conception of virtuosity and the incessant urge to push the limits of performance, a new ensemble had arrived. The first step of their journey took them from the front door of conservatory, straight to the streets of Vienna. After an unforgettable year of running from the police, surviving freezing temperatures and dealing with the angry shopkeepers the time had come to take their act from street to the stage. After countless hours of work, a thrilling performance was born. Their debut show, SAX VOYAGE, is a multi-continental musical journey including classical music, various kinds of European ethnic music, the seductive dance music of South America and some of the most popular Hollywood Hits from the USA. To complement the diverse program, the show is presented with theatrical elements: acting, dance, costumes, props, acrobatics and lighting. After many performances around Europe and Asia, FIVE SAX has claimed its place on the international scene.

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Short Profile

NameFIVE SAX Founded2012
Main languageEnglish Additional languages Italian,  German,  Polish,  Dutch; Flemish,  French 

FIVE SAX invites you to join them on an unforgettable musical journey. The multi-continental trip begins in the legendary capital of music: Vienna, with a look back at some timeless classics of the past. Then we jump on a train to explore the rich ethnic musical styles of Spain, Italy, Hungary and the Balkans. From there we hop on a ight to Rio de Janeiro to experience the seductive rhythms of Brazilian Bossa Nova, the passion of Argentine Tango and a visit to the mythic Columbian town of Macondo. For the last stop of our voyage, we touch down in sunny Los Angeles where we rediscover some of the most famous Hollywood hits. Every moment of the 90-minute show is choreographed and performed by memory, which makes for an engaging, whirlwind audience experience. 
FIVE SAX - Film Suite
Debut CD, "FIVE SAX at the Movies" now available!
Orlando Records:

0:00 James Bond / 0:38 Pirates of the Caribbean / 0:57 Titanic /
1:40 Star Wars / 1:53 Looney Tunes / 2:23 Mario Bros /
3:33 The Simpsons / 4:42 Rocky /

Arranged by Joel Diegert
Production assistance by Bernhard Rusch
Recorded live in Bielsko-Biała, Poland 
 Webpage, Vienna
"I enjoyed every moment of FIVE SAX's debut show SAX VOYAGE! They are funny, entertaining and most importantly, top quality musicians."
(Aleksey Igudesman)
FIVE SAX - Astor Piazzolla Tribute
FIVE SAX - At the Movies
FIVE SAX at the Movies expands upon one of the most popular scenes in the stage show: a medley of film music. Saxophone and cinema are two major pillars of 20th century culture, having risen to prominence in parallel. This natural affinity makes the field of film music particularly alluring to the members of FIVE SAX. From blazing trumpets announcing bloodthirsty pirates to seductive violins introducing the woman of your dreams, FIVE SAX uses the saxophone’s full sonic range to bring alive the most glorious heroes and despicable villains ever seen on the big screen.

Orlando Records: 
 Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine, UK
"I've just completed my first audition of "At the Movies" and consider it the finest sax group recording I have ever heard (and I'm 81 so I've heard a few!)."
(Kenneth Morris)