Eyal Ein-Habar

conductor, flute
 Conductor, Flutist and educator

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New CD 20. Jul 2015

Dear Friends,

Very happy to announce the release of a new album.


Will be available on Amazon an iTunes soon.

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Short Profile

NameEin-Habar, Eyal
Home LocationTel Aviv, Israel
Main languageHebrew
attended UniversitiesTel-Aviv Uiversity

Conducting the El Amor Brujo
Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Falla El Amor Brujo

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2014-04-26 different papers,



"... The protagonist here, once again, was the conductor Eyal Ein Habar, who raised this concert to a unique and high plateau, especially in terms of his technique, understanding, openness and lightness. It was a pleasure to hear and watch him..."  





"...The soloist, Eyal Ein-Habar, played the difficult and almost nonstop part with technical dexterity and great sensitivity..."


Martin Steinberg, Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. paul, Minnesota, November 18, 2008



"...The program began with Bernstein's "Halil," an appealing flute concerto with the solo line cast partly as a sweetly lyrical rhapsody and partly as a tense, 12-tone melody, a split that Bernstein meant to represent peace and tension. Eyal Ein-Habar played the solo with an affecting purity..."


Allan Kozinn, The New York Times, November 19, 2008 




"…Well-chosen tempi, immaculate ensemble, vivid accentuation…in fact the musicianship is so perfect that one almost yearns for a bit of dust and candle-grease…"


"…The playing in these charming pieces is full of sensitiveness as well as stylish, varied and authentic ornaments, phrasing and accentuation…"


CD-It takes two to Trio, Eyal Ein-Habar & Dudu Carmel

Richard Stagg, Pan - the flute Magazine, British Flute Association



"…The performances are stunning, immaculately-articulated and co-coordinated, full of tonal color and variety…"


Cd- Impressions François, Israel Flute Ensemble

Alison Uren, Pan - the flute magazine, British Flute Association




REVIEW from 2014-04-26