Evgenia Laguna

mezzo or alto voice

Space Opera Diva Evgenia Laguna


Laguna – Actress. Singer. Member of the Union of Theatre Workers of Russia. Cousellor for Cultural Affairs of Committee Chairman on the Support for Reforms of the Russian President. Member of Executive Board, Authorized Representative on cultural and social programs in regions of the Russian Federation of the All-Russian social organization of Heroes, State Decoration of Companion and Laureates of State Prizes “Labor Merit of Russia”. Russian Queen of rare and distinguished performance style based on the combination of the academic opera genre with the modern musical directions, - Classical Crossover. Her performances decorate the most prestigious events, such as sport Europe Championships, International Forums under the patronage of Pierre Cardin, Royalty, Imperial, Political, Financial and Court Balls, World Economic Forums. From Past to Present
Evgenia got education in the State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Russian State Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS” by profession actress of musical theatre after which she worked in the theatre “Moscow Operette” and on the stage of the Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia together with such artists as: Karachentsov N.P., Polishyuk L.G., Sukhanov M.A. For a long period the singer adhered to the very classical genre performing opera roles in the operetta: Adel in “The Bat”, Tatyana in “Evgeny Onegin” (in total more than 900 performance on the big theatre stage): VIDEO: “Duet of Theodora and Mister X (OSTANKINO)” In some time the singer outgrew the frameworks of one theatre genre and Evgenia began to shy further away from the classical academic standard pervading her art with various notes of the modern musical directions. Solo career on the biggest musical stages of the country (Grand Kremlin Palace, Conservatory of P.I. Chaikovsky, Council Hall of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Central Public Concert Hall “Rossia”) became a new round in the singer’s art. Soon there were new achievements and victories. The singer became extraordinary popular at international festive events all around the world. Tours of Laguna successfully took place in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latin America, Switzerland, Nicaragua, USA, Finland, Israel, UAE, Tunis, Hungary, Italy: Video: “Bolero” The singer’s compositions started to be issued by the biggest musical world labels (Feel Music, EMI, Universal Music) in joint compilations with other world artists (Vanessa Mae, Sarah Brightman, Charlotte Church, Kiri Te Kanawa, Donna Summer, Ernesto Kortazar, Sisseli). So, the bestseller became the solo disc of Evgenia issued by the Universal Music company in the South Korea: For experts of true vocal it should be noted that the vocal range of Evgenia Laguna is over four octaves. Her unique vocal control lets Evgenia Laguna sing within the widest vocal range from the lowest contralto to the highest soprano. Exactly this allows the singer to perform the famous aria of the Space Opera Diva from the movie of Luc Besson “The Fifth Element”. Video: “The Fifth Element” – rehearsal in Los Angeles at the studio of legendary jazzman Chick Corea Through the eyes of spectators
“Any appearance of Evgenia Laguna on the stage promotes unforgettable experience. She acts as a magnet to attract views of all he spectators with no exception. And this should come as no surprise. Her plastique, unlimited charm and rare unforgettable voice charm from the first moment, and the beauty and grace of the singer cannot leave cold any of the spectators”. “When Evgenia starts singing it feels like it is unearthly voice. That sky itself is singing by her voice thus finely and expressively Laguna presents every tiny nuance of the performed musical compositions.” “Especial charm in the performance of Laguna is added by the unusual timbre and soul of her unforgettable voice. It is absolutely different from the traditional classical singing. Although in her repertoire there are sometimes classical arias, it seems that the music didn’t come from past centuries but is heard from the far beautiful future.” Laguna’s Music Laguna sings on something unseen but perceptible by the heart: tenderness, joy, happiness, faith, hope, love, wisdom… • In Laguna’s music every person can see his own sense and individual characters• Laguna’s art awakens creative powers of a person and is to highlight the personal individuality • The singer’s compositions are like air in the environment of closed urban space giving power and creative awakening• Each note of the singer’s voice are echoes of parallel and contradictory worlds and phenomena – not bad, not good but different… The basic of her program is the principle of spiritual purity, happy love which illuminates with inexplicable light any woman’s heart. Each composition performed by her relates to the best appearance of woman on the Earth planet: love to a man, to her children, parents, father’s home, to her Earth… As the destination of a woman is LOVE. VIDEO: "Space Opera Diva Evgenia Laguna" Charity For fourteen years has independently works for children charity and has visited with her program “Singing Star” 11 countries. First of all, her program is designated for children from orphanages and care homes – children who have no opportunity to communicate with the world of art. In 2015 the program outgrew to the World Tour of World Stars in support of talented children and orphaned children “Happiness has no Nationality”. The singer managed to unite the World Stars from different countries for help to all the children on the Earth. The first place of the tour was the Motherland of the President of the Russian Federation St. Petersburg. On 21st November 2015 in the grand show called “Parallel Worlds” for 7 thousand spectators dedicated by the decision of local authorities to the Mother;s Day together with Evgenia Laguna took part legendary Didier Marouani «SPACE» (France), as well as 850 talented children from the Northern Capital of Russia.
VIDEO: "The World Tour of the World Stars “Happiness has no Nationality”
Project by Evgenia Laguna attracted also attention of representatives from other countries.

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